Coffee. It doesn’t have to be just coffee. This is not a coffee shop. Besides coffee, there are photography books.

It’s not just a coffee shop. A Si hopes that this space can be used to gather more diverse people.

A Si (Joe Lau, a member of the Lumenvisum’s board of directors) loves photography and collecting photography books. It welcomes everyone to enter “This is not a coffee shop”. You can read photobooks, chat and exchange ideas about photography in this space.

And the idea is approximate the founding idea of the Hong Kong Photobook Festival, which aims to connect photographers, artists, and publishing houses from all over the world with the platform of traveling exhibitions, and provides an opportunity for young artists to connect with the world. In addition, photobooks can also be transmitted and read in a limited space as an object, increasing the personal contact and interaction with the audience. Even in a leisurely coffee shop, readers can understand the content and concept of the work without the limitation of space.

Please imagine that you are drinking coffee, reading sample photography books from Hong Kong, exchanging creative ideas and opinions leisurely, it would be a relaxing time for you.

Exhibition Information:

Venue: Taiwan | No. 1, Alley 8, Lane 96, Chongxue Road, East District, Tainan City
Date: 15.01.2022—29.01.2022
Opening Ceremony: 15.01.2022 (Sat)

For details, please visit the Facebook of Cafe.or.not.Cafe: