New Zealand is the eighth stop of the Hong Kong Photobook Award Touring Exhibition. Our Twelve shortlisted dummy books will be on display at the Photobook/NZ Festival which runs from 19/20 August 2022 at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Photobook/NZ is New Zealand’s national photobook festival, celebrating small press photobooks and connecting photographers, publishers, and their book-loving audiences.

Photobook/NZ aims to:

• build a national and international audience for New Zealand photobooks
• strengthen connections and the exchange of information within New Zealand’s photographic community nationally and internationally
• help New Zealand photographers produce innovative and excellent books that will attract international attention
• Help New Zealand photographers make national and international connections.

▼Event Information:
Venue: Wellington |New Zealand
Date: 2022.08.19-2022.08.20
Source: Photobook New Zealand

For more details, please visit the official website of Photobook/NZ :

Sao Paulo, Brazil is the seventh stop of the Hong Kong Photobook Award Touring Exhibition. Our Twelve shortlisted sample photography books will be on display at Festival Imaginaria from 13 July to 17 July.

Lovely House is a Brazilian publisher and bookstore based in São Paulo. Since 2018, it has been dedicated to the research, publication, and dissemination of art books, with an emphasis on photography and artist books, both domestic and foreign. In its space, physical or digital, launches and meetings with guests also take place.

It is the creator and organizer of the IMAGINÁRIA_Festa do Fotolivro Festival. The first Brazilian festival is totally dedicated to photography books. In its first edition, in 2021, it received 199 projects that competed for the prize of photobook mockups, when the book “Utaki” by Ricardo Tokugawa won in the photobook category and “Petals”, by Julio Cesar Cardoso, won in the fanzine category. 

If you have interested in Festival Imagináriaa, please keep your eyes on our upcoming online sharing talk on 15, June 2022 with Lovely House.

Exhibition Information:

Venue: Brazil | Sao Paulo

Date: 2022.07.13—2022.07.15

Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday 

For details, please visit the Facebook of Festival Imaginária :

Photobook Week Aarhus

After a long wait, the third leg of the Hong Kong Photo Book Awards tour is at Aarhus Photo Book Week in Denmark!

Photobook Week Aarhus is an open and inclusive event that highlights the importance of libraries as spaces for reflection, concentration, and creativity. In addition, the Aarhus Photo Book Week exhibition and lectures will cover contemporary topics such as immigration,  globalization, and post-colonial thinking, artistic movements such as Fluxus, to highlight their role as sources of inspiration.

Or, the new photography art and culture just need more compatibility and creativity, creating a new artistic atmosphere and ideas under the integration of the new generation. For inspiration, I believe the innovative art concept advocated in Aarhus Photography Book Week would be a good choice for creators.

Venue: Aarhus, Denmark

Date: 14.10—17.10.2021

Opening Ceremony: 14.10.2021

For more details, please visit the official website of Photobook Week Aarhus:



舉辦地點:丹麥 | 奧胡斯



有關詳情可瀏覽 Photobook Week Aarhus 的官方網站:

The sixth stop of the Hong Kong Photobook Award Touring exhibition – an independent photo bookstore in Thailand.

After completing its journey in Taiwan, The Hong Kong Photobook touring exhibition’s sixth stop will exhibit 12 dummy photobooks on April 28 at Vacilando Bookshop.

Vacilando Bookshop was founded in 2017. For the first 3 years, Vacilando Bookshop operated as an online platform on Instagram only and participated in Bangkok. From 2019 to early 2021 Vacilando Bookshop shared space with Books & Belongings, another independent bookstore in Bangkok that specializes in Literature and Philosophy books.

Later in 2021 Vacilando Bookshop landed in its new location nearby Bangkok’s Chinatown. By using the new physical bookshop space, Vacilando Bookshop provides a reading space with a small photobook library and also creates events related to Photography, Photobook launch, Photobook club reading group to get connected with domestic photographers and non-photographers who are interested in photography together.

The concept of the Vacilando bookstore coincides with the idea of the Hong Kong Photobook Festival, which aims to promote cultural books on photography and create a platform for photographers and artists to collaborate and exchange their ideas.

Exhibition Information:

Venue: 587 Maitri Chit Rd, Pom Prap, Pom Prap Sattru Phai Bangkok, Thailand

Date: 2022.04.28—2022.05.22

Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday | 13:30 to 17:30 Source: Vacilando Bookshop | Withit Chanthamarit

For details, please visit the Facebook of Vacilando Bookshop :


Coffee. It doesn’t have to be just coffee. This is not a coffee shop. Besides coffee, there are photography books.

It’s not just a coffee shop. A Si hopes that this space can be used to gather more diverse people.

A Si (Joe Lau, a member of the Lumenvisum’s board of directors) loves photography and collecting photography books. It welcomes everyone to enter “This is not a coffee shop”. You can read photobooks, chat and exchange ideas about photography in this space.

And the idea is approximate the founding idea of the Hong Kong Photobook Festival, which aims to connect photographers, artists, and publishing houses from all over the world with the platform of traveling exhibitions, and provides an opportunity for young artists to connect with the world. In addition, photobooks can also be transmitted and read in a limited space as an object, increasing the personal contact and interaction with the audience. Even in a leisurely coffee shop, readers can understand the content and concept of the work without the limitation of space.

Please imagine that you are drinking coffee, reading sample photography books from Hong Kong, exchanging creative ideas and opinions leisurely, it would be a relaxing time for you.

Exhibition Information:

Venue: Taiwan | No. 1, Alley 8, Lane 96, Chongxue Road, East District, Tainan City
Date: 15.01.2022—29.01.2022
Opening Ceremony: 15.01.2022 (Sat)

For details, please visit the Facebook of Cafe.or.not.Cafe:

After the European tour, the Hong Kong Photobook Awards Touring Exhibition begin its Asia tour. The first stop in Asia will be a collaboration with Lightbox Photo Library in Taipei and an exhibition of 12 shortlist dummy books.

This year’s Hong Kong Photobook Dummy Award tour Exhibition has toured from Rome, Norway, and Denmark to Taiwan.

Lightbox Photo Library

Lightbox is a Taiwan-based, open, and free photography library that gathers together scattered Photographic publications from Taiwan and makes them freely available to the public. At the same time, Lightbox Photo Library also holds various photography lectures, workshops, international exchanges, and other activities, hoping to inspire new thinking and action through lively and diverse discussions and dialogues, promote communication between people, and move towards a positive cycle of cultural ownership and intellectual freedom.

Exhibition Information:

Venue: 19, Ln. 269, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei 10647 Taiwan

Date: 2021.12.22-2022.01.08

Opening Ceremony: December 22, 2021

Video link:

From December 22 to January 8

The 12 shortlist of the Hong Kong Photo Book Festival will be on display at the Lightbox Photography Library, where an exclusive presentation of the three winners’ shared videos will give readers a deeper insight into the creative ideas behind the winning books.

First Prize | Clean Hong Kong Action | Siu Wai Hang

Second Prize | The Man Who Attends to the Times | Yim Sui Fong

Third Prize | The Dayspring of Eternity | Lau Chi Chung

Podcast link:

At 14:00, 16:00, and 18:00 on 2022/12/25 (Sat) and 2022/01/08 (Sat)

Lightbox Photo Library will play the podcast of “Hong Kong Photobook Dummy Award· Touring Exhibition”, and Jacinthe Huang, a member of the team of Hong Kong Photography Book Festival, will talk about the Lumenvisum, the founding concept and process of the first Hong Kong Photobook Festival, and the participation situation of the Photobook Dummy Awards.

For details, please visit the official website of Lightbox Photo Library:

Photo: Jan Khür –

The second destination for our touring exhibitions :

Fotobokfestival Oslo

Fotobokfestival Oslo is a week-long event that aims to explore the photobook as an artistic medium and phenomenon. The festival was established by The Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers (FFF) in 2009. Since its beginning, it has continued to feature widely recognized art photographers and young, new participants in photography, the photo book genre, and publishing activity nationally and internationally.

Date: From 19 Aug to 04 Sep 2021

“Touching the Distance, Thinking in Relation: Photography as a Practice of seeing”, is focused on the issue of representation in photography: How does photography speak for or affect various important personal, social, and political issues? In other words, the photographic medium is considered a tool, witness, and register of how we see, connect, and relate to others and the world.

The festival’s books are grouped into four interconnected themes:

(1) ‘Representation and Beyond’ investigate broadly defined portraiture;

(2) ‘Photography and Words’ is devoted to a genre of books dealing with a particularly strong relationship between image and text – especially literary texts;

(3) ‘Photography and Public Space’ focuses on the problematic question of who (and how) one is present in city public space.

(4) ‘Critical Contexts’includes books that elaborate or comment on vital issues related to contemporary photography.

For details, please visit the official website of Fotobokfestival Oslo:

From March to April 2021, the first Hong Kong Photo Book Festival ended perfectly.

 In the following days, the Hong Kong Photo Book Festival is fortunate to connect with international and we will showcase some of the personal photography books from the Hong Kong Photo Book Awards participants worldwide.

The first stop of the Hong Kong International Touring Photobook Exhibition will start in Rome, Italy. The first chapter of the 12 photobooks shortlisted from the Hong Kong Photobook Awards will show to the public at the Charta Photo-book festival on July 17th.

Charta Photo-book festival:

Charta is a festival of contemporary photography, dedicated to photobooks and independent publishing. The festival provides for a visual itinerary in which a theme is developed through the photobook exhibitions, by creating an expository tour in different locations in the heart of San Lorenzo, the Roman art district.

Venue: Rome, Italy

Date: 17.07-25.07.2021

Opening Ceremony: 17.07-18.07.2021

For details, please visit the official website of Charta Photo-book festival:

“Telling Story Through Images” Bookmaking

Creating a photobook is like curating an exhibition. The book itself is a physical venue for the exhibition of images, the author is as the curator, to infuse the book with passion and ideas, from the image arrangement, book design and even printing methods.

As early as mid-October, Lumenvisum began to introduce photobooks to universities and secondary schools students through two pre-event workshops, “Telling Story Through Images” Bookmaking. Both are three-month workshops. Students will learn to redefine and interpret images through methods such as collage, painting and juxtaposing with tutors Lau Chi Chung and Siu Wai Hang. The students are also expected to create their individual photobooks with Lau and Siu’s Guidances.