The Hong Kong Photobook Award 2021 —— Touring Exhibition

Looking back at the development of photobooks, the Hong Kong Photobook Festival team hopes that readers will have the opportunity to understand the styles, characteristics, and creative ideas of photo books by different art creators, also the readers can share their ideas about the creation of photobooks through the worldwide exhibition.

Hong Kong Photobook Festival

The first stop: Italy | Rome Charta Photo-book festival

The second stop: Norway| Fotobokfestival Oslo

The third stop: Denmark | Photobook Week Aarhus

The fourth stop: Taibei | Lightbox Photo Library

The fifth stop: Tainan | Cafe.or.not.Cafe

The Sixth Stop: Thailand|Vacilando Bookshop

The Seventh Stop: Brazil|Festival Imaginária

The Eighth Stop: New Zealand|Photobook N/Z