After the European tour, the Hong Kong Photobook Awards Touring Exhibition begin its Asia tour. The first stop in Asia will be a collaboration with Lightbox Photo Library in Taipei and an exhibition of 12 shortlist dummy books.

This year’s Hong Kong Photobook Dummy Award tour Exhibition has toured from Rome, Norway, and Denmark to Taiwan.

Lightbox Photo Library

Lightbox is a Taiwan-based, open, and free photography library that gathers together scattered Photographic publications from Taiwan and makes them freely available to the public. At the same time, Lightbox Photo Library also holds various photography lectures, workshops, international exchanges, and other activities, hoping to inspire new thinking and action through lively and diverse discussions and dialogues, promote communication between people, and move towards a positive cycle of cultural ownership and intellectual freedom.

Exhibition Information:

Venue: 19, Ln. 269, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei 10647 Taiwan

Date: 2021.12.22-2022.01.08

Opening Ceremony: December 22, 2021

Video link:

From December 22 to January 8

The 12 shortlist of the Hong Kong Photo Book Festival will be on display at the Lightbox Photography Library, where an exclusive presentation of the three winners’ shared videos will give readers a deeper insight into the creative ideas behind the winning books.

First Prize | Clean Hong Kong Action | Siu Wai Hang

Second Prize | The Man Who Attends to the Times | Yim Sui Fong

Third Prize | The Dayspring of Eternity | Lau Chi Chung

Podcast link:

At 14:00, 16:00, and 18:00 on 2022/12/25 (Sat) and 2022/01/08 (Sat)

Lightbox Photo Library will play the podcast of “Hong Kong Photobook Dummy Award· Touring Exhibition”, and Jacinthe Huang, a member of the team of Hong Kong Photography Book Festival, will talk about the Lumenvisum, the founding concept and process of the first Hong Kong Photobook Festival, and the participation situation of the Photobook Dummy Awards.

For details, please visit the official website of Lightbox Photo Library: