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Fotobokfestival Oslo

Fotobokfestival Oslo is a week-long event that aims to explore the photobook as an artistic medium and phenomenon. The festival was established by The Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers (FFF) in 2009. Since its beginning, it has continued to feature widely recognized art photographers and young, new participants in photography, the photo book genre, and publishing activity nationally and internationally.

Date: From 19 Aug to 04 Sep 2021

“Touching the Distance, Thinking in Relation: Photography as a Practice of seeing”, is focused on the issue of representation in photography: How does photography speak for or affect various important personal, social, and political issues? In other words, the photographic medium is considered a tool, witness, and register of how we see, connect, and relate to others and the world.

The festival’s books are grouped into four interconnected themes:

(1) ‘Representation and Beyond’ investigate broadly defined portraiture;

(2) ‘Photography and Words’ is devoted to a genre of books dealing with a particularly strong relationship between image and text – especially literary texts;

(3) ‘Photography and Public Space’ focuses on the problematic question of who (and how) one is present in city public space.

(4) ‘Critical Contexts’includes books that elaborate or comment on vital issues related to contemporary photography.

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