After Winter. Album #58



from Malta

About the Book

The feeling of a dark hole haunted me after my parents passed away.

They were colorful characters from the generation of the 1950s, with all the characteristic features of their era like idealism, romanticism, and lyrism. Father, Boris Fedorov, was a famous Russian artist: a glass master, graphic artist, sculptor, and painter. On the ruins of the USSR their plans, love, and art underwent a dramatic transformation as well as their generation.

They loved each other, but the relationship between them was rather complicated. Mom died tragically in 2009, a month before the birth of my first son. Two years later, my father met another woman, and it was very difficult to accept.

Thus, archival photographs of our family, my photographs and graphics, personal correspondence of my parents, my father’s artwork, as well as the poetry of Walt Whitman, with which the relationship of parents began, became part of the visual narrative of the book.