Incorrect Theory



from Italy

About the Book

Every escape is in itself a journey.

Luigi Cecconi’s journey is a missed one.

A failed, yet ardently desired escape, in an adolescence inhabited by a limping everyday life, spent in one of the difficult suburbs of Rome, in the 90s.

Incorrect Theory is the story of an escape that never happened.

The images are dreams and projections of the young photographer who, in a continuous evasion from reality, searched in his own photographs for an ideal New York. That glossy New York that, at the end of the last century, planted its archetypes in the social imaginary of a generation of Italians, attracted by the land of everything and nothing, by impeccable smiles, by buildings that scratch the sky, or simply by the idea of leaving.

In this case, an evasion frustrated by the impossibility which the artist visually staged by reconstructing models of proto-aircrafts, allusions to medieval prototypes in which flying was still a far ambition, thus studding the narrative of a city that does not exist with powerful visual metaphors. Incorrect Theory is therefore a work on desire, on broken dreams, on frustration. But it’s also a visual catharsis in which the author allows himself an escape – not geographically, but imaginatively. A way of showing how the imponderable is possible through art and how belonging is only a question of self-representation.