The 2nd Hong Kong Photobook Festival —— Press Release

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A photobook is more than just a book. With different image arrangements and binding methods, the climaxes and rhythm of each photobook are distinctive. The photobook is also a kind of autonomous art form with the authors’ strong consciousness; therefore, the style and narration of each photobook are unique. As such an open and accessible means to narrate visual stories, photobook became increasingly popular for photographers and creators to convey their own ideas.

To promote photobook culture, Hong Kong Photobook Festival was found by Lumenvisum in 2020. The Festival aims to connect photographers, artists and a diverse range of publishers and independent groups from all over the world. It also serves as a supporter of emerging artists to gain exposure in the field of contemporary photography.

A series of programmes will be presented in the Festival, including book market, exhibitions, workshops and talks. Moreover, Photobook Dummy Award is established particularly for young photographers and artists. They will have the opportunities to showcase their works in international festivals and other photography events.

The 2nd Hong Kong Photobook Festival – Details:
Date: 2023.06.30 – 2023.07.16
Time:11am – 6pm
(06.30 to 07.02 will extend the opening hour to 7pm.)
Venue:Lumenvisum & JCCAC L2 Podium