The Maze

Author: Evgeny Pustarnakov
Country: Russia
Year: 2020

This work is about the homecoming.

After eight years abroad I moved back to my hometown of Moscow only to realise that home, as I envisioned it, was no longer there. The atmosphere, the people, the places – it all had changed. Now Moscow was a hostile, overwhelming territory – a sprawling labyrinth in which I did not know what to do and how to be.

I felt the need to make sense of it all, to reconnect somehow and thought that this would be possible by facing and exploring the city. In my search I aimed to go everywhere, from the central districts to the most remote, isolated parts. These journeys gave me a perception of the surroundings. But more importantly it gave me time to be on my own, to reflect on myself and the circumstances.

In the end, this work was a way of dealing with tension and uncertainty, that I faced on return.